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Comparison Shopping and
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Comparison Shopping
the Easy Way!




Access ALL the Top Comparison Shopping Engines!

RoboShopper lets you use the web's leading online comparison shopping services -- including MySimon, Yahoo Shopping, Pricegrabber, Bizrate, NexTag and many others -- all from within one easy to use tool!

You also have direct access to the best product review and rating sites, so you can research products and find the best values with a few clicks of the mouse.

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TIP: After RoboShopper displays the results from the first comparison shopping engine, use the navigation bar at the top of the screen to view the results of your search on other engines.

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Comparison Shop for Ipod Nano


How comparison shopping engines work, and why you need to use more than one


"Use several comparison sites at once.  You'll maximize your selection and uncover the best special offers . "
 -- PC Magazine:
Tips on Comparison Shopping


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If you find RoboShopper to be useful, let others know by  adding a link to your website or blog.




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